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In Transit

Amazing LP

In Transit (2018)

Format: LP

Šifra: 720841215219


  1. Pull
  2. Voices Sound
  3. A Million Days
  4. First Touch of Light
  5. Rewind
  6. Never Be


  1. Benson se Convirtio Completamente Furiosa
  2. For No One
  3. Leave Us A Light
  4. Asleep
  5. Je Travaille Dans la Banque





The Amazing stay just out of focus. On their fifth album, In Transit, they once again perform the unlikely trick of making music that is both dreamlike, drifting across the consciousness, as well as perfectly constructed. While In Transit shares the sense of mood of many of singer and founder Christoffer Gunrup’s favourite bands – the Cure, My Bloody Valentine, Flaming Lips – it never drifts away into self-indulgence. At the heart of it all, beneath the washes of guitar, the woozy reveries, are sturdy, intensely melodic songs. You hear that from the very start of the album, when Pull slides into view, slide guitar casting shapes and shadows across the arpeggios beneath, while lightly jazzy drums propel the song forward and Gunrup mournfully whispers his barely audible lyrics, before the song ascends into a refrain that sounds like every emotion combined.

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