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Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet LP2

Landfall (2018)

Format: LP2

Šifra: 075597933901


  1. CNN Predicts a Monster Storm 
  2. Wind Whistles Through the Dark City 
  3. The Water Rises 
  4. Our Street Is a Black River 
  5. Galaxies 
  6. Darkness Falls 
  7. Dreams 
  8. Dreams Translated 
  9. The Dark Side 


  1. Built You a Mountain 
  2. The Electricity Goes Out and We Move to a Hotel 
  3. We Learn to Speak Yet Another Language 
  4. Dawn of the World 
  5. The Wind Lifted the Boats and Left Them on the Highway 
  6. It Twisted the Street Signs 
  7. Then It Receded 
  8. The Nineteen Stars of Heaven 


  1. Nothing Left But Their Names 
  2. All the Extinct Animals 
  3. Galaxies II 
  4. Never What You Think It Will Be 
  5. Thunder Continues in the Aftermath 
  6. We Blame Each Other for Losing the Way 


  1. Another Long Evening 
  2. Riding Bicycles Through the Muddy Streets 
  3. Helicopters Hang Over Downtown 
  4. We Head Out 
  5. Everything Is Floating 
  6. Gongs and Bells Sing 
  7. Old Motors and Helicopters



Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet's Landfall, inspired by her experience of Hurricane Sandy, is the first collaboration between the iconic storyteller/musician and the groundbreaking string quartet, who perform together on the recording. Landfall juxtaposes lush electronics and traditional strings by Kronos with Anderson's powerful descriptions of loss, from water-logged pianos to disappearing animal species to Dutch karaoke bars. The Washington Post calls it "riveting, gorgeous.

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