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Life Is Short The Answer s Long

Beat Escape CD

Life Is Short The Answer's Long (2018)

Format: CD

Šifra: 5414940010176

  1. Sign Of Age
  2. Moon In Aquarias
  3. Limestone Alps
  4. Where Water Ends
  5. More Dreams
  6. Then I Drift Away
  7. Seeing Is Forgetting (Album mix)
  8. Thousand Pound Shoes
  9. Nemo Propheta (Extended Mix)




The Beat Escape have crafted a debut album their younger selves would be proud of: released through Bella Union on 27th April, the sublimely immersive Life Is Short The Answer's Long plays like a waking dream of near-psychedelic electronic pop, moving to its own beat in the push-pull of forward motion and submerged reflection. That sense of propulsion ushers album opener and lead track Sign of Age into rising view, its sparse drums, hypnotic sequence and melancholic chords resembling house music as reimagined by Angelo Badalamenti

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