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That Santa Fe Channel

Cordovas LP

That Santa Fe Channel (2018)

Format: LP

Šifra: 880882331719


  1. This Town’s A Drag 
  2. Selfish Loner 
  3. Talk To Me 
  4. I’m The One Who Needs You Tonight 
  5. Frozen Rose


  1. Santa Fe 
  2. Standin’ On The Porch 
  3. Your Town 
  4. Step-Back Red 



Rooted in triple-stacked harmonies, southern storytelling, and cosmic country twang Cordovas create their own version of American roots-rock with That Santa Fe Channel. NPR Music points out that "everyone in the East Nashville band Cordovas is a lead vocalist. The country-rock group is committed to the sound of brotherhood — a few voices sharing a feeling."

Cena: 28,99 €

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