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The Nude Party

Nude Party LP

The Nude Party (2018)

Format: LP

Šifra: 607396523818


  1. Water On Mars
  2. Feels Alright
  3. Chevrolet Van 
  4. Paper Trail (Money) 
  5. War is Coming 
  6. Records


  1. Live Like Me
  2. Gringo Che 
  3. Wild Coyote
  4. Astral Man
  5. Charlie’s Sheep






The Nude Party – one of 2018’s most groovy and dynamic rock records is produced by Oakley Munson of The Black Lips and recorded in Woodstock, NY at Dreamland Recording Studios, the circa-1896 former St. John’s Church. The self-titled album finds that formidable music machine cranked all the way to cosmic. Maybe it’s the electric waters of Lake Norman, NC where the band spent a primordial summer, or the upstate New York vibes that have beckoned American spiritualists and storytellers for a dozen generations, but something gives these cats a glow. At very least the numerology scans. Even when heartbreak crashes the party, like on the hilarious Records, the buoyancy of the band’s demeanor negates the inevitable bummer. From the self-aware irreverence of Chevrolet Van to the apocalyptic resignation of War Is Coming, The Nude Party surfs heavy wavelengths with elegance and grace.

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