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Wild Wild East

Dubioza Kolektiv CD

Wild Wild East (2017)

Format: CD

Šifra: 680316002822

  1. Wake Up
  2. Euro Song
  3. Making Money
  4. U.S.A.
  5. Decisions
  6. Warning
  7. Move Ya
  8. Celebrate the Riot
  9. Whistleblower
  10. Balkan Funk
  11. 90’s Surprise




•"Wild Wild East”, is the fifth release from the legendary Bosnian outfit during it’s 14 year history; Tireless activists, their subjects revolve around subjects of peace and tolerance alongside an extreme criticism of nationalism and cultural stereotypes. But most of all, their high energy mix of ska, dub and Balkan music is relentless and habit forming, especially on a big sound system!

•Band has toured extensively since 2010 and enjoys strong support in France, Germany, UK, USA, and especially in Eastern Europe.

•High view on Youtube for tracks: “Making Money” (1.6M), “USA” (2M), “Euro Song (1M)

•“There’s fiery polemic in the lyrics, but it’s all wrapped up in a frantic joie de vivre that’s as infectious as it is unique..” Paul Travers, Kerrang!

•“Kickass from start to finish, Dubioza Kolektiv marries power with positivity” Pop Matters

For Fans of: Asian Dub Foundation, Gogol Bordello, Manu Chao, Zdob si Zdub

Cena: 10,99 €

Dubioza Kolektiv

Once upon a time (2003) in a far away land called Bosnia and Herzegovina, a group of friends decided to form a band. But this was no ordinary band, and they did not form under ordinary circumstances. True, along with local Balkan flavors, musical influences came from all over the world: ska, punk, reggae, electronic, hip-hop. Yet, there was no music industry, few concerts, no space for cultural or political expression among the new crop of plugged in youth. In fact, the entire region was reeling from deep moral and economic stagnation. It was from this environment that DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV was born, and not quietly, but kicking and screaming, presenting no-go topics front and center, and demanding to be heard-and in doing so, they created a phenomenon. And it has continued in this fashion ever since. Fast forward to 2016, we find band continues stronger than ever, already established itself as among the best and most popular live outfits in Eastern Europe, hallmarked by their most recent musical release “Happy ...


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