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Cicada Rhythm

Cicada Rhythm LP

Cicada Rhythm (2017)

Format: LP

Šifra: 607396301310


  1. The Keeper
  2. Dirty Hound
  3. Walking Late
  4. In the Garden
  5. Static in My Dream


  1. Shadows Before You
  2. Round Yellow Suitcase
  3. The Farmer
  4. I’m Sorry Charlene
  5. Werewolf




A Georgia duo whose music runs the gamut from upbeat acoustic folk with a Southern swing to powerfully atmospheric indie rock, Cicada Rhythm is a collaboration between guitarist and vocalist David Kirslis and bassist and vocalist Andrea DeMarcus, who met in 2011. Kirslis was a part-time teacher and blues fan with a passion for hopping trains when he met DeMarcus, who had studied classical music at Juilliard and after graduation was living in Athens, Georgia. Kirslis and DeMarcus found they complemented each other musically, with his rootsy influences playing off her classical training, and they soon began writing songs together. Kirslis and DeMarcus became partners in music and in life, and they started playing shows together as Cicada Rhythm. Before long, Kirslis and DeMarcus relocated to Atlanta, and they developed an impressive reputation for their music, touring regularly throughout the South. A four-song demo posted on the duo's website helped spread the word, and in 2013 they began work on an album. Cicada Rhythm raised completion funds for the project through an online crowdfunding campaign, and the album, Mantra, was released in 2014. The album received positive notices in the press, and Cicada Rhythm set out on a nationwide tour in support. As the duo's reputation grew, Normaltown Records (an offshoot of New West Records devoted to developing artists) signed Cicada Rhythm to a recording contract; after releasing a 7" vinyl single in June 2015, the duo's second full-length album, simply called Cicada Rhythm, arrived in late October 2015.

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