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A Flame My Love, a Frequency

Colleen CD

A Flame My Love, a Frequency (2017)

Format: CD

Šifra: 790377044928

  1. November 
  2. Separating
  3. Another World
  4. Winter Dawn
  5. Summer Night (Bat Song)
  6. The Stars Vs Creatures
  7. One Warm Spark
  8. A Flame My Love, a Frequency







French multi-instrumentalist Colleen (Cecile Schott) is fearless in her willingness to explore new sounds and new ways of creating music as a solo performer. On her new album A Flame My Love, A Frequency, she introduces the most drastic change to her music since she began singing on her fourth album, setting aside the viola da gamba she is known for in exchange for all electronic instrumentation - Moog pedals and Critter and Guitari synthesizers. Words used to describe her muse Arthur Russell are equally applicable to Colleen. Schott’s compositions can be in turn pop or experimental, vocal or instrumental, and acoustic or electronic. She has drawn on the baroque sounds of a classical instrument using the most modern pedals and looping techniques. Shape shifting as she does, the pieces are always distinctly her strong and utterly unique musical voice. A constant across Colleen’s albums are delicate extended melodies, minutely detailed soundscapes, and explorative unbounded compositions. Colleen’s work is a direct result of her core belief that in order to keep growing as an artist, you need to continue to be willing to experiment and to embrace drastic changes.

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