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Oscar and the Wolf CD

Infinity (2017)

Format: CD

Šifra: 5414939963377

  1. So Real
  2. Exotic
  3. Susato
  4. Pretty Infiniti
  5. Touch Down
  6. Queen
  7. Honey
  8. Runaway
  9. Last Night
  10. Breathing
  11. Chevrolet
  12. Fever




Oscar and the Wolf release his sophomore album Infinity and is jam packed with his trademark R&B-flecked electro-pop noir which singer Max Colombie describes as his most “electric bunch of songs to date”. Each of the twelve tracks inspired by anything from a Calvin Harris banger to a Connan Mockasin psych jam – the pulsating So Real is about falling in love with a vampire (the HBO drama series True Blood fuelling Max's songwriting muse), while Fever's irresistible electro-disco captures "an intense chemistry between two people that's not love, but lust". Honey's seductive shuffle houses a plea for emotional openness but though some of these songs come from an introspective place, this is an album that looks outwards. "Because I've been playing so many festivals for the last few years, I wanted to make music that I could play for people and turn the situation into a party. I want people to dance to these songs,"

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