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Summer Dancing

Judy Dyble & Andy Lewis CD

Summer Dancing (2017)

Format: CD

Šifra: 5414939960734

  1. He Said/I Said
  2. Up the Hill
  3. Summer Dancing
  4. No Words
  5. A Message
  6. Night of a Thousand Hours
  7. A Net of Memories (London)
  8. My Electric Chauffeur
  9. Treasure
  10. The Day They Took the Music Away
  11. Such Fragile Things
  12. Summers of Love
  13. Tired Bones
  14. The Weathermonger




August 2017 sees the release of Judy Dyble and Andy Lewis's psychedelic folk collaboration Summer Dancing. Dyble was the original vocalist in Fairport Convention appearing on their self-titled debut, before joining Giles and Fripp and then recording the awesome UK psych masterpiece Morning Way.

Cena: 15,99 €

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