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Da Real World

Missy Elliott LP2

Da Real World (2017)

Format: LP2

Šifra: 075678665448


  1. Mysterious (Intro)
  2. Beat Biters
  3. Busa Rhyme (feat. Eminem)
  4. All N My Grill


  1. Dangerous Mouths (feat. Redman)
  2. Hot Boyz
  3. You Don't Know (feat. Lil' Mo)
  4. Mr. DJ (feat. Lady Saw)


  1. Checkin' For You (feat. Lil' Kim)
  2. Stickin' Chickens (feat. Aaliyah, Da Brat)
  3. Smooth Chick
  4. We Did It
  5. Throw Up Your Hands (Interlude) (feat. Lil' Kim)


  1. She's a Bitch
  2. U Can't Resist
  3. Crazy Feelings (feat. Beyoncé)
  4. Religious Blessings (Outro)
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Missy Elliott

Melissa Arnette Elliott (born July 1, 1971 in Portsmouth, Virginia), better known by her stage name Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott, is an American Grammy Award winning rapper, singer, producer, actress and former member of the R&B group Sista. With sales of over seven million in the United States alone she is the only female rapper to have six albums certified platinum by the RIAA and has worked extensively as a producer for many other artists along with her childhood friend Timbaland. She released her debut album, Supa Dupa Fly in 1997 and has since released 1999’s Da Real World, 2001’s Miss E… So Addictive, 2002’s Under Construction, 2003’s This is Not a Test! and 2005’s The Cookbook. She has been working on her seventh studio album, Block Party, since 2007 and it will hopefully be released late 2010 or early 2011. Elliott is one of the first female hip hop superstars, known for a long series of hits including “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)”, “Hit ‘Em Wit Da Hee”, “Get Ur Freak On”, “One Minute Man”, “Work It”, and “Lose ...


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