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Amaury Faye Trio CD

Clearway (2018)

Format: CD

Šifra: 3149027009225

  1. Believe It Or Not
  2. Witchcraft
  3. Bad Surprise
  4. Clearway Street
  5. Off Roading
  6. Sunday Morning Blues
  7. Vence
  8. An Oscar For Treadwell
  9. Journey To The East Coast





"Clearway" is the first album of the Amaury Faye Trio. This album was recorded at the Studio du Flon in Lausanne, Switzerland in November 2016. Considered as one of the most promising pianists of his generation, Amaury Faye personifies the new wave of jazz made in France. The many awards he received in 2016 (including First Prize at national competition Jazz A Vienne/Rezzo Focal, France; Best Soloist/Instrumentalist Award at international competition Tremplin Jazz d’Avignon and Public’s Choice Award at international competition International Biberacher Jazzpreis, Germany) confirm his undeniable talent as a composer and improviser.

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