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Melanie De Biasio LP

Lilies (2017)

Format: LP

Šifra: 5414939964480


  1. Your Freedom Is The End Of Me
  2. Gold Junkies
  3. Lilies
  4. Let Me Love You
  5. Sitting In The Stairwell


  1. Brother
  2. Afro Blue
  3. All My Worlds
  4. And My Heart Goes On





Melanie De Biasio marks her return with third album, Lilies – from the unsettled glide of Your Freedom Is The End Of Me, De Biasio mining a deep blues over spectral, knowing piano, to the restless rumble of Gold Junkies, which relocates the infernal bustle of Nina Simone’s Sinnerman to the 21st Century, to the bereft, bewitched Brother, and the haunted, after-midnight spook of And My Heart Goes On – you’ll be struck by how alive, how teeming with ideas and energy this music is. Classically trained and revered in her native Belgium, De Biasio has uncovered fans in the shape of Gilles Peterson – who heralded De Biasio as one of the most exciting artists in the jazz world and Radiohead’s Phillip Selway with the release of her second album, 2014’s No Deal.

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