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Love Oh Love

Leroy Hutson LP

Love Oh Love (2018)

Format: LP

Šifra: 5414940004632


  1. So In Love With You
  2. Love Oh Love
  3. When You Smile 
  4. Getting It On (Theme For The Jay Johnson Affair)


  1. Time Brings On A Change
  2. I’ll Be There, I’ll Still Care
  3. I’m In Love With You Girl
  4. As Long As There’s Love Around





Hutson’s first solo album since leaving The Impressions bearing the influences of Curtom Records’ main man Curtis Mayfield. Considered one of the best soul albums  released in the summer of 1973 it features some of Leroy’s most popular tracks ‘Love Oh Love’, ‘When You Smile’ and ‘So In Love With You’ The CD comes with three bonus tracks, the hard to find mono versions of both ‘So In Love With You’ and ‘Love Oh Love’ plus the single edit of ‘When You Smile’.

Cena: 23,99 €

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