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Continental (Deluxe)

Saint Etienne LP

Continental (Deluxe) (2017)

Format: LP

Šifra: 5414939960833


  1. Shad Thames 
  2. Burnt Out Car (Balearico Mix)
  3. Sometimes In Winter 
  4. Winter Melody 
  5. Public Information Film 
  6. The Process 
  7. He's On The Phone (Motiv 8 Mix)


  1. Stormtrooper In Drag
  2. Star
  3. Down By The Sea
  4. The Sea (PFM Mix)
  5. Lonesome 
  6. Angel (Broadcast Mix)





Continental was released in 1997 in Japan only. It was then made available outside of Japan in 2009. It is a compilation that includes previously released material such as the UK hit He’s On The Phone as well as curios like their cover of the Paul Gardiner / Gary Numan song Stormtrooper In Drag. Many of the tracks were recorded during the ‘wilderness’ years of 1996 / 97 when the band members worked on their separate projects.

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