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Fatti Sentire

Laura Pausini CD

Fatti Sentire (2018)

Format: CD

Šifra: 5054197976025

  1. Non è detto
  2. Nuevo
  3. La soluzione
  4. E.STA.A.TE
  5. Frasi a metà
  6. Le due finestre
  7. Fantastico (Fai quello che sei)
  8. No River is Wilder
  9. L'ultima cosa che ti devo
  10. Un progetto di vita in comune
  11. Il caso è chiuso
  12. Zona d'ombra
  13. Francesca (Piccola aliena)
  14. Il coraggio di andare
Cena: 13,99 €

Laura Pausini

Italy (1993 – present) Laura Pausini is a five-time Grammy Award winning Italian singer, songwriter, and producer. She is the most famous and successful Italian artist worldwide. Pausini is famed for her soulful voice and her romantic latin pop and pop ballads and love songs, although she has also dealt with other subjects such as poverty, war, and racism, among other social issues. She is fluent in several languages. Although she mainly sings in Spanish and Italian, she also sings in Portuguese, English, and French. She has sold over 40 million album copies around the world. Laura was born in Faenza (province of Ravenna, Italy) on May 16,1974 and was raised in Solarolo (Ravenna). She started to sing in local piano bars with her father when she was 8. In 1993, her career was launched when she won the prestigious Italian Sanremo Music Festival with one of her best known songs, “La Solitudine”. The song also has an English version with lyrics written by Broadway composer Tim Rice. In 1994, she released her first ...


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Laura Pausini

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Laura Pausini

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