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Saint Etienne LP

Finisterre (2017)

Format: LP

Šifra: 5414939960772


  1. Action
  2. Amateur
  3. Language Lab
  4. Soft Like Me
  5. Summerisle
  6. Stop And Think It Over


  1. Shower Scene
  2. The Way We Live Now
  3. New Thing
  4. B92
  5. The More You Know
  6. Finisterre




Finisterre was Saint Etienne's 6th studio album and was originally released in 2002. The album was a love / hate letter to London, with its iconic image of the collapsed ronan point on the cover, recorded at a time of mass demonstrations against the government and just after folk hero Ken Livingstone had been elected mayor. Alternately harsh and gentle, electronic and thrumming, it included the nu-disco call-to-arms single Action.

Cena: 27,99 €

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