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Juste un Rêve

Tal CD

Juste un Rêve (2018)

Format: CD

Šifra: 190295664022

  1. Carpe diem
  2. A.D.N
  3. Mondial
  4. Madame Officiel
  5. Jambo
  6. Juste un rêve
  7. War feat. Wyclef Jean
  8. Comme un Samedi soir
  9. L'amour me donne des ailes
  10. Not so serious
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Elemental is a Croatian hip-hop band, founded in 1998. It consisted of three MCs. Today things are different. Two MCs are spittin’ lyrics: Shot and Remi, and 5 instrumentalists have been brought in. In 2000, Elemental published their debut album “Moj, njegov i njen svijet/My, His and Her World” with the help of an indie label from Zagreb - KondorComm. Soon after their first album came out, they managed to gather a band together and so often performed without a DJ. Rest of the crew are: Erol Zejnilović (guitar), Ivan Vodopijec (drums), Konrad Lovrenčić (bass), Davor Zanoški (keyboards) i Natasha Tonkovic (backing vocal). Second album “Tempo Velegrada/Demiurg” came out in 2002, and the group collaborated with eminent Croatian performers such as Tram11, One II Many, Bizzo (Bolesna Braća), Špica. Their third album was released in 2004. -“Male Stvari/Little Things” is allegedly the first Croatian sample-free hip-hop album and ever since it came out, Elemental became known to a larger public. Six singles ...


Rudimental are an east London (UK) music quartet, comprising the songwriters and producers Piers Agget, Kesi Dryden and Amir Amor, together with DJ Locksmith. They have stated that they are on a mission to bring back soul into electronic music, and are quoted as saying: “We aren’t just electronic bedroom producers, and we’re not just guitarists and pianists who don’t know much about making a beat”. They grew up on everything from grime to jazz and blues, from hip-hop to house, and state: “You can’t really box us into a category, we’re more about musicality, songwriting and broader influences. We are Sly and the Family Stone, Todd Edwards and Dr. Dre in a cheeseburger!” The original Rudimental trio go back a long way. Piers and Locksmith grew up on the same road in Hackney, with Kesi living just around the corner in Stoke Newington, where he went to the same school as Labrinth and Professor Green. Amir joined the collective in mid-2011 after working with them on some remixes.


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