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Le Kov

Gwenno CD

Le Kov (2018)

Format: CD

Šifra: 5414940003802

  1. Hi a Skoellyas Liv a Dhagrow
  2. Tir Ha Mor
  3. Herdhya
  4. Eus Keus?
  5. Jynn-amontya
  6. Den Heb Taves
  7. Daromres y'n Howl
  8. Aremorika
  9. Hunros
  10. Koweth Ker





Written entirely in Cornish, Le Kov is exploration of the subconscious, the myths and drolls of Cornwall, and the survival of Britain’s lesser known Brythonic language. As one of the language’s few fluent speakers, Gwenno felt a duty to create a document of a living language, explore her identity and the endless creative possibilities of a tongue that has a very small surviving artistic output.

She dove deep into research, learning about attempts to protect and progress the language and the role of women throughout Cornish history.

But Le Kov isn’t really a concept album—the city doesn’t loom that large through these 10 songs, and you don’t need the translation sheet to appreciate the gorgeous, sea-warped psychedelia that Gwenno has created alongside long-term collaborator and producer Rhys Edwards. Evoking the music of her childhood – Brenda Wootton, Alan Stivell, BUCCA – along with Broadcast, The United States of America, White Noise and Serge Gainsbourg, Le Kov is shimmering and tarnished, rust mingled with barnacles, moss entwined with weathered rope.

Cena: 15,99 €

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