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Rest (LP2+CD)

Charlotte Gainsbourg LP2

Rest (LP2+CD) (2017)

Format: LP2

Šifra: 190295755591


  1. Ring-A-Ring O’ Roses
  2. Lying With You
  3. Kate


  1. Deadly Valentine
  2. I’m A Lie
  3. Rest


  1. Sylvia Says
  2. Songbird In A Cage
  3. Dans Vos Airs


  1. Les Crocodiles
  2. Les Oxalis


  1. Ring-A-Ring O’ Roses
  2. Lying With You
  3. Kate
  4. Deadly Valentine
  5. I’m A Lie
  6. Rest
  7. Sylvia Says
  8. Songbird In A Cage
  9. Dans Vos Airs
  10. Les Crocodiles
  11. Les Oxalis



Entitled Rest, the new album is produced by Sebastian, the French Touch 2.0 artist and collaborator of Frank Ocean and Kavinsky, and sung in French and English. More than anything she has made before—because she has always been very private—this is album is an uncompromising self-portrait. For the first time, Charlotte has written her own lyrics, often inspired by her journals, and chosen to sing in French, to speak openly about her father’s death (Lying With You), about the passing of her sister (Kate), about her crippling shyness (I’m a Lie), about her childhood fears (Les Crocodiles), about the afterlife (Les Oxalis), about the passage of time (Ring a Ring a Roses) and her beating heart (Les Traits).

She invited various artists to collaborate with her, including Sir Paul McCartney, who wrote Songbird in a Cage for her, and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (half of Daft Punk), who composed and produced the track Rest. A wide range of musicians of different styles and traditions contribute to the recording: Connan Mockasin, Owen Pallet (Arcade Fire, Caribou, Franz Ferdinand), Emile Sorin (Forever Pavot), Vincent Taeger (Poni Hoax) and Tom Elmhirst (Frank Ocean, David Bowie, Jamie XX, Adele), who mixed the album.

Cena: 20,99 €

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg (born 21 July 1971) is an Anglo-French actress and singer. After releasing an album with her father at the age of fifteen, more than twenty years passed before she released three albums as an adult (5:55, IRM and Stage Whisper) to commercial and critical success. Gainsbourg has also appeared in many films, including several directed by Lars von Trier, and has received both a César Award and the Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Award. She is the daughter of English actress Jane Birkin and French singer and songwriter Serge Gainsbourg. Gainsbourg made her motion picture debut playing Catherine Deneuve's daughter in the film Paroles et musique (1984). In 1986, Gainsbourg won a César Award for "Most Promising Actress" for L'effrontée, and, in 2000, she won "Best Supporting Actress" for the film La Bûche. Gainsbourg made her musical debut with her father on the song "Lemon Incest" in 1984. Two years later, she released her debut album Charlotte for Ever, which was produced ...


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