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So Tough

Saint Etienne LP

So Tough (2017)

Format: LP

Šifra: 5414939960758


  1. Mario's Cafe    
  2. Railway Jam    
  3. Date With Spelman 
  4. Calico
  5. Avenue
  6. You're In A Bad Way
  7. Memo To Pricey


  1. Hobart Paving
  2. Leafhound
  3. Clock Milk
  4. Conchita Martinez
  5. No Rainbows For Me
  6. Here Come Clown Feet
  7. Junk The Morgue   
  8. Chicken Soup





So Tough was Saint Etienne's second album. released in 1993 it followed hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed Foxbase Alpha and hit number 7 in the charts, the band's highest album chart position to date. The album features the classic singles You're in a Bad Way, Avenue and Hobart Paving.

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