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Tiger Bay (Deluxe)

Saint Etienne LP

Tiger Bay (Deluxe) (2017)

Format: LP

Šifra: 5414939960765


  1. Urban Clearway    
  2. Former Lover
  3. Hug My Soul
  4. Like A Motorway    
  5. On The Shore


  1. Marble Lions
  2. Pale Movie
  3. Cool Kids Of Death    
  4. Western Wind
  5. Tankerville    
  6. Western Wind
  7. The Boy Scouts Of America





Originally released in 1994, Tiger Bay was Saint Etienne's third long player and their second top 10 album. It took the group into a new place by mixing traditional folk melodies with modern electronica. They worked with Underworld, Shara Nelson, Stephen Duffy, arranger David Whitaker, and Birmingham neo-dubsters Original Rockers to create a windblown but lush record, echoing its oil painting cover.

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