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The Twin/Tone Years (LP4)

Replacements LP3

The Twin/Tone Years (LP4) (2015)

Format: LP3

Šifra: 081227954703


  1. Takin' A Ride
  2. Careless
  3. Customer
  4. Hangin' Downtown
  5. Kick Your Door Down
  6. Otto
  7. I Bought A Headache
  8. Rattlesnake
  9. I Hate Music


  1. Johnny's Gonna Die
  2. Shiftless When Idle
  3. More Cigarettes
  4. Don't Ask Why
  5. Somethin To Dü
  6. I'm In Trouble
  7. Love You Till Friday
  8. Shutup
  9. Raised In The City


  1. Kids Don't Follow
  2. Fuck School
  3. Stuck In The Middle
  4. God Damn Job


  1. White And Lazy
  2. Dope Smokin' Moron
  3. Go
  4. Gimme Noise


  1. Hootenanny
  2. Rn It
  3. Color Me Impressed
  4. Willpower
  5. Take Me Down To The Hospital
  6. Mr. Whirly


  1. Within Your Reach
  2. Buck Hill
  3. Lovelines
  4. You Lose
  5. Hayday
  6. Treatment Bound


  1. I Will Dare
  2. Favorite Thing
  3. We're Comin' Out
  4. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
  5. Androgynous
  6. Black Diamond


  1. Unsatisfied
  2. Seen Your Video
  3. Gary's Got A Boner
  4. Sixteen Blue
  5. Answering Machine


The Replacements signed with Minneapolis-based Twin/Tone Records in 1980. Over the next four years, the band helped shape the future of alternative rock with its “Left of the Dial” sound and notorious live shows, where the band often danced the razor’s edge between brilliant and belligerent.

Rhino revisits the influential quartet’s early years with a new vinyl boxed set that includes the Replacement’s first four releases, which are being pressed on vinyl for the first time in over two decades. THE TWIN/TONE YEARS will be available on Friday, August 14 as an individually numbered, limited edition of 8,000 copies.

The collection features: Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash (1981), the Stink EP (1982), Hootenanny (1983) and Let It Be (1984). Later this year, Rhino will also release a second vinyl boxed set that highlights the four albums the band recorded for Sire Records between 1985-90.

Paul Westerberg, Chris Mars, Tommy Stinson, and brother Bob Stinson started out in Minneapolis playing in basements and garages before Peter Jesperson signed the band to Twin/Tone Records in 1980. Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash arrived a year later with songs like “Takin’ A Ride,” “I Bought A Headache,” and “Shiftless When Idle.”

The band returned in 1982 with the Stink EP. The indelible lead track “Kids Don’t Follow” is bolstered by the whiplash rhythms and sneering defiance of “God Damn Job” and “Dope Smokin’ Moron.”

The band began to expand its musical horizons the following year on Hootenanny. There were rockers — “Mr. Whirly” and “Color Me Impressed” — but also the moody groove of “Within Your Reach,” the slurry shuffle of “Treatment Bound” and “Loveline,” a swinging vamp on the want ads.

The group’s final Twin/Tone album, Let It Be (1984), brought all of the ’Mats’ strengths together. It’s recognized today as one of the greatest albums of the 1980s thanks to classic  tracks like “I Will Dare,” “Androgynous,” and “Unsatisfied.”

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The Replacements are an alternative rock group that formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1979. The band originally started off as a hardcore punk outfit but began to incorporate folk and power pop influences in their sound. They become one of the leaders of the early alt-folk set and one of the flagship bands of the American 80s post-punk scene, being as well a major influence on 90s indie rock. The band's best known lineup consisted of Paul Westerberg (vocals, guitar), Bob Stinson(guitar), Tommy Stinson (bass) and Chris Mars (drums). They were infamous for their abrasive, hard drinking lifestyles and their ragged stage performances, notorious for coming to some shows too drunk to play very well at all. Sometimes, they just performed entire sets of covers, their picks showing their debt to 70s hard rock outfits. The sound of this band showed off what their many fans saw as the very best of independent rock n' roll. More than possibly any other band since The Rolling Stones and ...


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