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Alex Calder

Alex Calder LP

Alex Calder (2017)

Format: LP

Šifra: 817949012939


  1. Operator
  2. Morning Ritual (feat. Caroline Levasseur)
  3. Noticing Me
  4. Another Day (feat. Caroline Levasseur)
  5. End of Time
  6. Death Beside Me


  1. Sleep Like This
  2. Loosen Up
  3. Slowing Down
  4. Fading Away
  5. Half an Hour (feat. Garett Johnson)
  6. Goodnight






Alex's self-titled sophomore full-length effort. This album see's Alex Calder's music evolving and expanding in all the best ways. Perhaps this is due to the year he spent re-working and perfecting demos until they blossomed into fully-formed, dynamic songs - a process far from the more visceral, off-the-cuff approach he'd taken with his earlier work. It’s quite fitting that this album be self-titled, as it is a kind of proclamation of self for Alex, an expression, or admonition really, of who Alex Calder is - the good and the bad, the sad and the goofy, someone who loves to joke around, but is still capable of being serious and expressing himself more personally. Alex found himself frequently revisiting Paul Thomas Anderson and old anime films while writing, and drawing influences from acts like Stereolab, Broadcast, Pavement, Arthur Russel, and Kate Bush, to video game soundtracks such as the Earthbound and Zelda Ocarina Of Time

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