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American Utopia

David Byrne CD

American Utopia (2018)

Format: CD

Šifra: 075597932201

  1. I Dance Like This
  2. Gasoline And Dirty Sheets
  3. Every Day Is A Miracle
  4. Dog's Mind
  5. This Is That
  6. It's Not Dark Up Here
  7. Bullet
  8. Doing The Right Thing
  9. Everybody's Coming To My House
  10. Here



David Byrne's new solo record, American Utopia, is out now on Todomundo / Nonesuch Records. He will mark the album's release with an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. To pick up a copy of American Utopia, head to your local music store, iTunes, Amazon, and the Nonesuch Store, where CD and vinyl orders include a download of the complete album at checkout. You can also listen to the album on Spotify and Apple Music.

"There's an inventive spirit and a feeling that people can reinvent themselves, which goes back to de Tocqueville, and the idea that America could be a reinvention of what a country could be," Byrne tells the New York Times in its in-depth look at American Utopia.

American Utopia, like Byrne's speaking series "Reasons To Be Cheerful" (RTBC), named for the song by the late Ian Dury, questions the current state of society while offering solace through song. As with the album, the content of the RTBC series recognizes the darkness and complexity of today while showcasing alternatives to the despair that threatens us. RTBC highlights stories, news, ideas, and other items Byrne has been collecting over the last year, all of which either embody or identify examples of things that inspire optimism, such as a tech breakthrough, a musical act, a new idea in urban planning or transportation.

A world tour in celebration of American Utopia, featuring an ambitious, "untethered," choreographed concert, continues through the summer. For tour details, including two New York City shows that go on sale today, visit

The album has already received tremendous critical acclaim. Mojo says, "Byrne filters grace, wonder and apocalyptic portent through his fractured worldview. He remains a fine guide through life's disruptions and disturbances," and NPR's Bob Boilen noted, "In a world filled with millions of songs about personal problems and love gone right or wrong, I'm thrilled to have a record that opens my eyes and widens my perceptions and helps me stop and make some sense of this inexplicable, mind-bending world of ours."

"American Utopia is an album full of pulsating beats and rich textures," says Stereogum. "You could also say that about any Talking Heads record, but the new album isn't a throwback; it feels like it could only exist right now."

UPROXX says: "Byrne has put together an album that not only sounds fresh, but concerns itself with the world as it exists in this moment, right now."

"The minute you put American Utopia on, it grabs you," says the Mail on Sunday. "It grabs you by the hips, with blasts of electro-funk. It grabs you by the brains, with quirky lyrics. And it grabs you by the heartstrings, with gospel-tinged melodies. This is an album for anyone who fears that we are running out of tunes. The whole thing has a vitality that will appeal to anyone, young or old."

Clash calls it "a whimsical, weird and totally wonderful set of songs. A well-timed treat delivered by one of music's most beloved eccentrics. Go explore."

Esquire writes: "American Utopia has come from the desire to provide little stabs at happiness when they seem hard to find. There are plenty of delightful and eccentric moments. The lasting impression is not one of a blithe spirit at play, but a deeply anxious, conscientious human struggling to find redeeming features in a world that seems devoid of them. It's a noble initiative for which Byrne should be commended."

Per Uncut, "Pop polymath delivers surreal state-of-the-nation address."

Newsday, in its four-star review, says: "American Utopia is all about enjoying the ride."

And Q exclaims: "His best record in years. His creative fires still show no sign of dimming, Byrne remains as playful and brilliant as ever."

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