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Full Circle Nightmare

Kyle Craft CD

Full Circle Nightmare (2018)

Format: CD

Šifra: 098787122121

  1. Fever Dream Girl
  2. Full Circle Nightmare
  3. Heartbreak Junky
  4. The Rager
  5. Exile Rag
  6. Belmont (One Trick Pony)
  7. Slick & Delta Queen
  8. Fake Magic Angel
  9. Bridge City Rose
  10. Gold Calf Moan






Full Circle Nightmare Kyle Craft's second album is entirely autobiographical. Sonically, thematically, lyrically, it’s a huge leap forward from his 2016 release. A straight-up rollicking rock’n’roll album, it traverses all the different nuances of the genre; from the bluegrass twang of Exile Rag, to the gothic style of Gold Calf Moan, it’s a timeless piece that could exist in any of the past five decades. In terms of contemporary peers, Craft likes to stay in his own lane. He’s an old soul who sticks to his tried and tested influences. The ironic thing is that Full Circle Nightmare sounds exactly like Kyle Craft’s America. That is what he’s built for us: the story of one man’s trials and tribulations to find his passion and voice for art and creativity in this vast opportunistic country. Where did he find it? Among the historic riches of America’s most honest sounds.

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Kyle Craft

Kyle Craft is a singer-songwriter who grew up in a tiny Louisiana town on the banks of the Mississippi, where he spent most of his time catching alligators and rattlesnakes instead of playing football or picking up the guitar. A self-described transient, Kyle Craft finally settled down in Portland, Oregon in 2015 after a three-year courtship with the Rose City. Touring through town led to frequent visits, couch surfing, and now full-time residency; and by all accounts, he's fully embraced his new home. That's where he recorded his debut album, Dolls Of The Highland, working with Brandon Summers and Benjamin Weikel of The Helio Sequence on the mixing process, and caught the eye of the legendary Seattle-based label Sub Pop.


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