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Sparks CD

Hippopotamus (2017)

Format: CD

Šifra: 4050538279610

  1. Probably Nothing
  2. Missionary Position
  3. Edith Piaf (Said It Better Than Me)
  4. Scandinavian Design
  5. Giddy Giddy
  6. What the Hell Is It This Time?
  7. Unaware
  8. Hippopotamus
  9. Bummer
  10. I Wish You Were Fun
  11. So Tell Me Mrs. Lincoln Aside From That How Was the Play?
  12. When You’re a French Director
  13. Amazing Mr. Repeat
  14. A Little Bit Like Fun
  15. Life with the Macbeths





Sparks return with their first solo album in eight years. It’s titled Hippopotamus and marks their 22nd studio effort overall following 2009’s The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman and their 2012 debut release as FFS, a supergroup featuring Franz Ferdinand.

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Los Angeles-based cosmic country-pop combo the Beachwood Sparks was formed in mid-1998 by onetime Strictly Ballroom singer/guitarist Chris Gunst, slide guitarist/keyboardist Dave Scher, ex-Further bassist Brent Rademaker, and Lilys drummer Aaron Sperske. Inspired by the pioneering country-rock efforts of West Coast legends like the Byrds, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and Buffalo Springfield, the group issued acclaimed singles for Bomp! ("Desert Skies") and Sub Pop ("Midsummer Daydream") prior to the spring 2000 release of their superb self-titled debut LP. Their polished sophomore effort, Once We Were Trees, followed in fall 2001. They reformed in 2012 and released the 13 track LP "The Tarnished Gold". It gets a 74 out of 100 points at Metacritic and it was rated a 7.7 at Pitchfork Media.


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