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Live For The Moment

Sherlocks CD

Live For The Moment (2017)

Format: CD

Šifra: 4050538286809

  1. Will You Be There
  2. Live For The Moment
  3. Escapade
  4. Chasing Shadows
  5. Blue
  6. Nobody Knows
  7. Was It Really Worth It
  8. Turn The Clock
  9. Last Night
  10. Heart Of Gold
  11. Motions
  12. Candlelight





The Sherlocks are a young band of two sets of brothers, following in the great tradition of guitar groups from Sheffield. The Sherlocks have drawn obvious comparisons from their influences (The Jam, The Clash, Arctic Monkeys), but this is a band with unquenchable ambition intending to create their unique sound, and they are already captivating new audiences. They were the first unsigned band since Arctic Monkeys to sell out their local venue Sheffield Leadmill.

Cena: 15,99 €

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