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Live From Austin, TX

Widespread Panic LP

Live From Austin, TX (2017)

Format: LP

Šifra: 607396519316


  1. Let's Get Down to Business
  2. Ain't Life Grand
  3. Space Wrangler
  4. Climb to Safety
  5. Blue Indian
  6. Casa Del Grillo


  1. Driving Song
  2. Surprise Valley
  3. Driving Song
  4. Travelin' Light
  5. Bear's Gone Fishin'
  6. Dyin' Man
  7. Porch Song






Widespread Panic is so much more than just a jam-happy rock band. From the time Michael Houser and John Bell (JB) began playing duets around Athens, Georgia, in the early 80 s, their repertoire ranged from early covers of the Grateful Dead and Bob Marley to a host of original songs (including Space Wrangler, included here) that demonstrate, as The Village Voice wrote, a willingness to dip their collective toe into just about any genre. This is classic Widespread Panic, including David Schools on bass, John Hermann on keys, Todd Nance on drums and Domingo Ortiz on percussion.

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