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Live From Austin, TX

Eric Johnson LP

Live From Austin, TX (2017)

Format: LP

Šifra: 607396521418


  1. Righteous
  2. Love Or Confusion
  3. Steve's Boogie
  4. Trail Of Tears
  5. Western Flyer
  6. East West
  7. C.W.


  1. Camel's Night Out
  2. Emerald Eyes
  3. Cliffs Of Dover
  4. Desert Rose
  5. Zap 
  6. Are You Experienced?




Legendary guitar hero Eric Johnson's 1988 performance on the Austin City Limits TV show was an amazing performance. The performance is now available on CD+DVD and LP. It captures the magical guitar work and energy that only Eric Johnson live can deliver.

Cena: 30,99 €

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