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More Nothing

Baby in Vain CD

More Nothing (2017)

Format: CD

Šifra: 720841214922

  1. To Heaven and Back
  2. Transcendent
  3. Low Life
  4. Last of the Turner Girls
  5. She
  6. One Feather
  7. Not For You
  8. Pills
  9. Thank You
  10. Apoca
  11. I Have Your Eyes




Danish trio Baby in Vain release of their long-awaited debut album More Nothing, via Partisan Records. Recorded in just 11 days in Eve Studios with producer Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey, Scott Walker, Bat For Lashes), Baby In Vain’s first record More Nothing is a riotous journey, treading a fine line between seasoned accuracy and youthful urgency. 

Cena: 15,99 €

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