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Luluc CD

Sculptor (2018)

Format: CD

Šifra: 098787123524

  1. Spring
  2. Heist
  3. Kids
  4. Controversy
  5. Cambridge
  6. Me and Jasper
  7. Genius
  8. Moon Girl
  9. Need’t Be
  10. Sculptor






The third full length album from LULUC, gripping and emotional songwriting that'll appeal to the fans of London Grammar, Julien Baker, The National and Phoebe Bridgers.

Sonically, the band have broadened their tonal palette following on from the successful collaboration on Passerby, co-produced with The National’s Aaron Dessner. Multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer Steve Hassett mastered a wider spectrum of instruments to fully realize the album’s expansive and daring vision. Randell and Hassett do nearly all of the writing, recording, and producing themselves, but their vision is far from insular.

Cena: 15,99 €


Luluc are an Australian indie folk music duo, consisting of Zoë Randell and Steve Hassett, currently based in Brooklyn, New York. They are signed to the Sub Pop record label, which released their second album, Passerby, in July 2014. The band is noted for their understated sound which has won them critical acclaim and notable champions like Lucinda Williams, producer Joe Boyd, and Aaron Dessner of The National


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