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Strange Peace

Metz LP

Strange Peace (2017)

Format: LP

Šifra: 098787119916


  1. Mess of Wires
  2. Drained Lake
  3. Cellophane
  4. Caterpillar
  5. Lost in the Blank City
  6. Mr. Plague


  1. Sink
  2. Common Trash
  3. Escalator Teeth
  4. Dig a Hole
  5. Raw Materials




On September 22nd, METZ will release Strange Peace, an emphatic but artful hammer swing to the status quo and their highly-anticipated third full-length album. Alex Edkins (guitar, vocals), Hayden Menzies (drums), and Chris Slorach (bass) recorded at Electrical Audio in Chicago, live off the floor to tape with Steve Albini. The result is a distinct artistic maturation into new and alarming territory, frantically pushing past where the band has gone before, while capturing the notorious intensity of their live show. 

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Metz is a noise rock band from Toronto, Canada. The band consists of guitarist Alex Edkins, bassist Chris Slorach and drummer Hayden Menzies. Formed in 2010, they released their eponymous debut album on the Sub Pop label in 2012.


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