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Sun Bridge

My Sad Captains CD

Sun Bridge (2017)

Format: CD

Šifra: 5414939965289

  1. Early Rivers
  2. Everything at the End of Everything
  3. Destination Memory
  4. Don't Listen to Your Heart
  5. None in a Million
  6. William Campbell
  7. Curtain Calls
  8. New Sun
  9. Wintersweet
  10. Relive






Three years after their last album, London’s My Sad Captains light the way to fresh shores with their radiant fourth album. Released via Bella Union Sun Bridge is named after the way a still lake offers the ideal conditions for the sun’s reflection to resemble a bridge across the water. Between its lustrous dream-pop surfaces and hidden depths, it’s an album that reflects on how uncertain times can be the seed-bed for change: or, for a bridge to extended adventures. As singer / guitarist Ed Wallis explains, “Our last record, Best of Times, was primarily about doing one thing well – a kind of mid-tempo, dreamy kraut-pop. Our aim with this record was to be more dynamic, and push things out in different directions; simultaneously stretching out the ambience while sharpening the focus.”

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