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Tim (Start Your  Ear Off 2017)

Replacements LP

Tim (Start Your 'Ear Off 2017) (2017)

Format: LP

Šifra: 081227954789


  1. Hold My Life
  2. I'll Buy
  3. Kiss Me On The Bus
  4. Dose Of Thunder
  5. Waitress In The Sky
  6. Swingin Party


  1. Bastards Of Young
  2. Lay It Down Clown
  3. Left Of The Dial
  4. Little Mascara
  5. Here Comes A Regular
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The Replacements are an alternative rock group that formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1979. The band originally started off as a hardcore punk outfit but began to incorporate folk and power pop influences in their sound. They become one of the leaders of the early alt-folk set and one of the flagship bands of the American 80s post-punk scene, being as well a major influence on 90s indie rock. The band's best known lineup consisted of Paul Westerberg (vocals, guitar), Bob Stinson(guitar), Tommy Stinson (bass) and Chris Mars (drums). They were infamous for their abrasive, hard drinking lifestyles and their ragged stage performances, notorious for coming to some shows too drunk to play very well at all. Sometimes, they just performed entire sets of covers, their picks showing their debt to 70s hard rock outfits. The sound of this band showed off what their many fans saw as the very best of independent rock n' roll. More than possibly any other band since The Rolling Stones and ...


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