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Trinity Lane

Lilly Hiatt CD

Trinity Lane (2017)

Format: CD

Šifra: 607396639526

  1. All Kinds Of People
  2. The Night David Bowie Died
  3. Trinity Lane
  4. Everything I Had
  5. I Wanna Go Home
  6. Imposter
  7. Records
  8. Different, I Guess
  9. Rotterdam
  10. Sucker
  11. So Much You Don't Know
  12. See Ya Later




Lilly Hiatt gets personal in Trinity Lane, an autobiographical album written during a period of self-reflection and renewal.
The daughter of John Hiatt keeps the family tradition alive, mixing Southern influences – Americana, folk and left-of-center country – with a raw approach that's better suited to the garage than the saloon.

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