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Version 2.0 (Limited Edition - Deluxe)

Garbage LP3

Version 2.0 (Limited Edition - Deluxe) (2018)

Format: LP3

Šifra: 5414940011845


  1. Temptation Waits
  2. I Think I'm Paranoid
  3. When I Grow Up


  1. Medication  
  2. Special  
  3. Hammering in My Head


  1. Push It  
  2. The Trick Is to Keep Breathing
  3. Dumb  


  1. Sleep Together
  2. Wicked Ways
  3. You Look So Fine


  1. Can't Seem To Make You Mine  
  2. 13x Forever
  3. Deadwood
  4. Get Busy With The Fizzy  
  5. Soldier Through This


  1. Thirteen  
  2. Lick The Pavement
  3. Medication (Acoustic)
  4. Tornado  
  5. Afterglow






20th Anniversary remastered reissue of Garbage’s acclaimed second album. it includes the Top 10 singles Push It and I Think I'm Paranoid.

3LP - Limited edition deluxe LP format contains 3 x 180 Gram black vinyl housed inside a rigid box with magnet closure. This box also contains a movie-style poster, 4 x sticker inserts (Push It, When I Grow Up, Special, The Trick Is To Keep Breathing), download card and a condom in a matchbook style card cover. The bonus album contains a B-side compilation.

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Izid: 22. Junij 2018.

Za prednaročila izid: 22. Junij 2018

Cena: 94,99 €

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