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Crazy Heart O.s.t.

Soundtrack LP2

Crazy Heart O.s.t. (2017)

Format: LP2

Šifra: 607396518517


  1. JEFF BRIDGES - Hold On You
  2. BUCK OWENS - Hello Trouble
  3. THE LOUVIN BROTHERS - My Baby's Gone
  4. STEPHEN BRUTON - Somebody Else - Instrumental
  5. JEFF BRIDGES - Somebody Else
  6. RYAN BINGHAM - I Don't Know


  1. THOMAS CANNING - Wesley's Piano
  2. JEFF BRIDGES - Fallin' & Flyin'
  3. KITTY WELLS - Searching (For Someone Like You)
  4. JEFF BRIDGES - I Don't Know
  5. LIGHTIN' HOPKINS - Once Was A Gambler
  6. WAYLON JENNINGS - Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way


  1. THE DELMORE BROTHERS - I Let The Freight Train Carry Me On
  2. GEORGE JONES - Color Of The Blues
  4. COLIN FARRELL & JEFF BRIDGES - Fallin' & Flyin'
  5. COLIN FARRELL - Gone, Gone, Gone
  6. TOWNES VAN ZANDT - If I Needed You


  1. SAM PHILLIPS - Reflecting Light
  2. LYDIA MENDOZA - Mal Hombre
  3. ROBERT DUVALL - Live Forever
  4. JEFF BRIDGES - Brand New Angel
  5. RYAN BINGHAM - The Weary Kind (Theme From Crazy Heart)






Four-time Academy Award® nominee Jeff Bridges stars as the richly comic, semi-tragic romantic anti-hero Bad Blake in the debut feature film from writer-director Scott Cooper. Bad Blake is a broken-down, hard-living country music singer who's had way too many marriages, far too many years on the road and one too many drinks way too many times. And yet, Bad can’t help but reach for salvation with the help of Jean (Maggie Gyllenhall), a journalist who discovers the real man behind the musician. As he struggles down the road of redemption, Bad learns the hard way just how tough life can be on one man’s crazy heart.

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