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Let Her Go O.s.t.

Soundtrack, Philip Selway LP

Let Her Go O.s.t. (2017)

Format: LP

Šifra: 5414940002256


  1. Helga’s Theme
  2. Wide Open
  3. Mine
  4. Zakopane
  5. Walk
  6. Snakecharmer
  7. Mutti


  1. Last Act
  2. Let Me Go
  3. Days And Nights
  4. Don’t Go Now (Elysian Quartet)
  5. Let Me Go (Rhodes)
  6. Necklace
  7. Helga’s Theme (Saw)




Radiohead drummer Philip Selway’s new album is a departure from its two preceding albums (Familialand Weatherhouse). It’s the soundtrack to the film drama Let Me Go, a story about mothers and daughters; about loss and mistrust; about the ramifications of a World War II crime; about secrets, trauma and lingering ghosts. Mirroring the film’s haunted and intimate nature, Selway’s score is grounded in strings and piano, plus guitar, electronics, musical saw, glockenspiel and bowed vibraphone, and the occasional use of bass and drums, creating a paradoxical sense of beauty and unease. 

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