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The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers - The Complete Recordings (LP5)

Soundtrack, Howard Shore LP

The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers - The Complete Recordings (LP5) (2018)

Format: LP

Šifra: 603497862627


  1. Glamdring
  2. Elven Rope
  3. Lost In Emyn Muil
  4. My Precious
  5. Uglúk’s Warriors
  6. The Three Hunters


  1. The Banishment Of Éomer
  2. Night Camp
  3. The Plains Of Rohan
  4. Fangorn
  5. The Dead Marshes


  1. “Wraiths On Wings”
  2. Gandalf The White
  3. The Dreams Of Trees
  4. The Heir Of Númenor


  1. Ent-Draught
  2. Edoras
  3. The Court Of Meduseld
  4. Théoden King (Featuring “The Funeral Of Théodred” Performed By Miranda Otto)
  5. The King’s Decision


  1. Exodus From Edoras
  2. The Forests Of Ithilien
  3. One Of The Dúnedain (Featuring “Evenstar” Performed By Isabel Bayrakdarian)


  1. The Wolves Of Isengard
  2. Refuge At Helm’s Deep
  3. The Voice Of Saruman
  4. Arwen’s Fate (Featuring “The Grace Of The Valar” Performed By Sheila Chandra)
  5. The Story Foretold


  1. Sons Of The Steward
  2. Rock And Pool
  3. Faramir’s Good Council
  4. Aragorn’s Return
  5. War Is Upon Us


  1. “Where Is The Horse And The Rider?”
  2. The Host Of The Eldar
  3. The Battle Of The Hornburg
  4. The Breach Of The Deeping Wall
  5. The Entmoot Decides


  1. Retreat (Featuring “Haldir’s Lament” Performed By Elizabeth Fraser)
  2. Master Peregrin’s Plan
  3. The Last March Of The Ents (Featuring Ben Del Maestro)
  4. The Nazgûl Attack
  5. Théoden Rides Forth (Featuring Ben Del Maestro)


  1. The Tales That Really Matter
  2. “Long Ways To Go Yet” (Featuring “Gollum’s Song” Performed By Emiliana Torrini




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