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Wind River O.s.t.

Soundtrack, Nick Cave, Warren Ellis LP

Wind River O.s.t. (2017)

Format: LP

Šifra: 5051083119924


  1. Snow Wolf    
  2. Zed   
  3. Tell Me What That Is 
  4. First Journey   
  5. First Body 
  6. Second Journey    
  7. Breakdown  
  8. Never Gonna Be the Same
  9. Hunter   
  10. Meth House 
  11. Bad News 
  12. Third Journey


  1. Second Body
  2. Lecture   
  3. Corey's Story 
  4. See You Tomorrow
  5. Three Seasons in Wyoming
  6. Cabin
  7. Shoot Out
  8. Snow Flight
  9. Memory Time
  10. Survive or Surrender
  11. Wind River






Nick Cave and Warren Ellis come together once more to score brand new thriller Wind River, directed by Sicario writer Taylor Sheridan and starring Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner. “The soundtrack to the beautiful Wind River was first and foremost the incessant wind or the grieving silence of the snow,” Cave and Ellis said in a press release. “Amid those elemental forces, we made a kind of ghost score where voices whisper and choirs rise up and die away and electronics throb and pulse.” This score is instantly reminiscent of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds’ Skeleton Tree, along with the pair’s recent acclaimed scores to Hell Or High Water and Lawless.

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