Büşra Kayıkçı


  1. The Middle Of…
  2. Fernweh
  3. Unrooted
  4. Deep Seated Arrogance
  5. Olive Tree
  6. Quba


  1. Old Friend
  2. Tribute To Egyptian Song
  3. L'inno
  4. Into The Woods
  5. Vác
  6. …Nowhere


Büşra Kayıkçı on Places:

Places is a continuation of my solo piano album Eskizler (Sketches), which was the result of my first compositional endeavours, studies written in early 2019. Those experiments in music reminded me of the sketches I would make in my work as an interior architect, at the start of a new project. I was profoundly influenced by the way these two disciplines – architecture and music – work with the same principles, one addressing the ear and the other the eye. It was inevitable, therefore, that I would follow an architect’s process when writing music. I devised my musical templates using methods I derived from architecture. And with this new album, Places, I feel I have taken those sketches a step further. I can hear them evolving, in a way. Sometimes I’ll try to construct a specific place I have in mind, one that I miss, but sometimes it’s just about an emotion. There are moments in life that make me believe places are also spaces in which we take refuge, and that we find shelter in our emotions, too. Those emotions become a shield, a roof over our heads protecting our inner peace.

Places • Places • Places • Places •

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