Operette - Wien, Berlin, Paris

Diana Damrau
  1. STOLZ - Der Favorit: "Du sollst der Kaiser meiner Seele sein"
  2. LINCKE -Frau Luna: "Schlösser, die im Monde liegen"
  3. LEHÁR - Eva: "Wär es auch nichts als ein Traum vom Glück"
  4. KORNGOLD, STRAUSS I - Lied der Liebe: "Ein kleiner Flirt"
  5. KÁLMÁN - Die Faschingsfee: "Liebe, ich sehn’ mich nach Dir"
  6. BENATZKY, STOLZ - Im weißen Rößl: "Mein Liebeslied muss ein Walzer sein"
  7. MILLÖCKER,  MACKEBEN - Die Dubarry: "Ich schenk mein Herz nur dem allein" (Die Dubarry)
  8. HEUBERGER - Der Opernball: "Gehen wir ins Chambre séparée“
  9. LOPEZ - Andalousie: “Ça fait tourner la tête"
  10. LEHÁR - Friederike: "Warum hast Du mich wachgeküsst?“
  11. STRAUSS II - Das Spitzenbuch der Königin: "Wo die wilde Rose erblüht“
  12. MESSAGER - Monsieur Beaucaire: "Rossignol, tout comme autrefois“
  13. LEHÁR - Paganini: "Liebe, Du Himmel auf Erden"
  14. LEHÁR - Zigeunerliebe: “Hör ich Cymbalklänge”
  15. ABRAHAM - Ball im Savoy: "In meinen weißen Armen”
  16. CHRISTINÉ - Phi-Phi: "Bien chapeauté“
  17. MESSAGER - L'Amour masqué: "J'ai deux amants"
  18. STRAUS - Manon: "Ich bin eine Frau, die weiß, was sie will” (Manon)


Soprano Diana Damrau, dazzling in the operas of Mozart, Donizetti, Verdi and Richard Strauss, also has operetta in her blood. With this album she tours three capital cities of operetta – Vienna, Berlin and Paris – taking time to relish the romance, wit and melodies of arias, duets and a trio that span nearly seven decades of musical history. Her star guest is tenor Jonas Kaufmann and among the composers are Johann Strauss II, Franz Lehár, Emmerich Kálmán, Robert Stolz, Paul Abraham, André Messager, Henri Christiné, Oscar Straus and Francis Lopez. The Münchner Rundfunkorchester is conducted by Ernst Theis; an expert in both operetta and symphonic repertoire, he made his name in Vienna before spending 10 years as chief conductor of the Staatsoperette Dresden.

“For me, operetta is the most all-embracing genre of music theatre,” says Damrau, “Its indulgence, its yearning, its joyousness and its comedy all touch the heart and show the positive side of life... It rarely fails to work its magic on audiences.”

When Diana Damrau was growing up in Bavaria there was plenty of operetta in the house – on records, on the radio and on television. During her studies at the conservatory in Würzburg, operetta formed part of the curriculum. One of her fellow students was the soprano Elke Kottmair, who went on to make operetta a pillar of her career. Damrau sought her expert advice when putting together the programme for this album, and the two sopranos are joined by mezzo-soprano Emily Sierra in a dreamy waltz trio by Johann Strauss, ‘Wo die wilde Rose erblüht’. Kottmair is keen to emphasise, however, that there is more to operetta than gorgeous waltzes: “Operetta draws its energy from contradictions and ambiguities. It can be satirical and tongue-in-cheek. With a twinkle in its eye it holds a mirror to human frailty, and we can all recognise something of ourselves. That’s why I love operetta so much.”

Diana Damrau has famously portrayed such tragic operatic heroines as Verdi’s Violetta and Donizetti’s Lucia. The typical operetta heroine, by contrast, is a woman who is ready and able to take control of her fate. As Elke Kottmair says: “She is not to be underestimated … with flair and ingenuity she generally ends up by getting what she wants.” For Diana Damrau, the leading lady in operetta is definitely “not an oppressed woman who has to die at the end, but a diva who gets the best out of every situation. She will stand up for love, making use of every resource available to her… We’ve planned this album so that it progresses from hope to all-consuming love, and through the first pains of love and, having overcome all the obstacles, to elegant flirtation.”

Operette - Wien, Berlin, Paris • Operette - Wien, Berlin, Paris • Operette - Wien, Berlin, Paris • Operette - Wien, Berlin, Paris •

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