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Greatest Hits

Notorious B.I.G. LP2

Greatest Hits (2018)

Format: LP2

Šifra: 603497859245


  1. Juicy
  2. Big Poppa
  3. Hypnotize
  4. One More Chance/Stay With Me (Remix)
  5. Get Money (Performed by Junior M.A.F.I.A.)


  1. Warning
  2. Dead Wrong (feat. Eminem)
  3. Who Shot Ya
  4. Ten Crack Commandments


  1. Notorious Thugs (feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)
  2. Notorious B.I.G. (feat. Lil' Kim and Puff Daddy)
  3. Nasty Girl (feat. P. Diddy, Nelly, Jagged Edge and Avery Storm)
  4. Unbelievable


  1. N***as Bleed
  2. Running Your Mouth (feat. Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Fabolous and Busta Rhymes)
  3. Want That Old Thing Back (feat. Ja Rule and Ralph Tresvant)
  4. #!*@ You Tonight (feat. R. Kelly)
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