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Smash - The Singles 1985-2020

Pet Shop Boys CD3

Smash - The Singles 1985-2020 (2023)

Format: CD3 - Glasba

Šifra: 190295021955


  1. West End Girls (7" Mix)
  2. Love Comes Quickly
  3. Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money) (7" Mix)
  4. Suburbia (7" Version)
  5. It's a Sin
  6. What Have I Done to Deserve This? (with Dusty Springfield) (7" Version)
  7. Rent (7" Edit)
  8. Always on My Mind
  9. Heart (7" Version)
  10. Domino Dancing (7" Edit)
  11. Left to My Own Devices (7" Version)
  12. It's Alright (7" Version)
  13. So Hard
  14. Being Boring (7" Version)
  15. Where the Streets Have No Name / I Can't Take My Eyes off You (Medley) (7" Edit)
  16. Jealousy (7" Edit)
  17. DJ Culture (7" Version)
  18. Was It Worth It? (7" Version)



  1. Can you forgive her?
  2. Go West
  3. I wouldn’t normally do this kind of thing (7” Version)
  4. Liberation
  5. Yesterday, when I was mad (Single Version)
  6. Paninaro 95
  7. Before
  8. Se a vida è (that’s the way life is)
  9. Single bilingual
  10. A red letter day
  11. Somewhere
  12. I don’t know what you want but I can’t give it any more
  13. New York City boy (US Radio Edit)
  14. You only tell me you love me when you’re drunk
  15. Home and dry
  16. I get along (Radio Edit)
  17. Miracles (Radio Edit)
  18. Flamboyant (7” Mix)



  1. I’m with Stupid
  2. Minimal (Radio Edit)
  3. Numb (Single Edit)
  4. Love etc.
  5. Did you see me coming?
  6. It doesn’t often snow at Christmas (New Version)
  7. Together (Ultimate Mix)
  8. Winner
  9. Leaving
  10. Memory of the future (New Single Mix)
  11. Vocal (Radio Edit)
  12. Love is a bourgeois construct (Night-time Radio Edit
  13. Thursday (feat. Example) (Radio Edit)
  14. The Pop Kids (Radio Edit)
  15. Twenty-something (Radio Edit)
  16. Say it to me (New Radio Mix)
  17. Dreamland (feat. Years & Years)
  18. Monkey business (Radio Edit)
  19. I don’t wanna (Radio Edit)

Album v predprodaji

Izid: Petek, 16. Junij 2023.

Za prednaročila izid: Petek, 16. Junij 2023

Cena: 19,99 €

Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys are a British synthpop/dance music duo, consisting of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. They formed in London, UK in 1982. Pet Shop Boys are one of the most commercially and critically acclaimed British music artists ever. They have achieved eight platinum, two gold and four silver albums in the UK alone. Their career has spanned 25 years and is now in its fourth decade. They have sold 50 million records worldwide and are listed as the most successful duo in UK music history by The Guinness Book of Records. Three-time Brit Award winners and six-time Grammy nominees, since 1986 they have achieved 42 Top 30 singles and 22 Top 10 hits in the UK Singles Chart, including four number ones: “West End Girls”, “It’s a Sin”, “Always on My Mind” and “Heart”. At the 2009 BRIT Awards, Pet Shop Boys received an award for ...


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