Ballo, Ballo (Transparent Yellow Vinyl)

Raffaella Carrà


  1. Ballo, ballo
  2. Qué dolor
  3. Adiós amigo (Versión italiano)
  4. Mamá dame cien pesetas
  5. Una aventura
  6. Amore, amore
  7. Niente di importante


  1. Bailo, bailo (Ballo, ballo)
  2. Acqua azzurra, acqua chiara
  3. Caliente, caliente
  4. Te estoy amando locamente
  5. Cuando calienta el sol
  6. Sarà perché


A new all-dancing compilation of Raffaella Carrà's hits is released on CD and transparent yellow vinyl.

"Ballo ballo" is a celebration of the career and spirit of the Italian TV and music icon of the 1970s and 1980s, Raffaella Carrà, whose blond bob won the hearts of fans around the world.

The title immediately refers to the unforgettable theme song of the famous Italian variety show “Fantastico”, but also to the musical “Bailo bailo”, that has toured around Spain, spreading self-love and the freedom to live without compromise.

"Ballo ballo" opens the compilation, which also includes its Spanish version "Bailo bailo”, along with a selection of big hits that made the whole world dance, in Italian and Spanish (“Que dolor”, “Adios amigo”, “Caliente caliente”), and the covers of two songs by Battisti ("Acqua azzurra, acqua chiara", "Un’avventura").

Raffaella Carrà is an Italian music and entertainment icon and has been a beloved one not only in her native country, but also in Spain and South America, where she lived and worked for many years. This compilation blends the two lives of Raffaella Carrà and proves that her spirit and energy stand the test of time and can win over the new generations as well.

Ballo, Ballo (Transparent Yellow Vinyl) • Ballo, Ballo (Transparent Yellow Vinyl) • Ballo, Ballo (Transparent Yellow Vinyl) • Ballo, Ballo (Transparent Yellow Vinyl) •

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