Demidevil (Pink Vinyl) (RSD) (Limited)



  1. Daisy
  2. Toxic
  3. Deal With It (feat. Kelis)
  4. Slumber Party (feat. Princess Nokia)
  5. Drunk With My Friends
  6. Little Boy


  1. Cry (feat. Grimes)
  2. L8R Boi
  3. Good While It Lasted
  4. Clitoris! The Musical
  5. Tantrum
  6. Daisy 2.0


Rediscover Ashnikko's debut mixtape with Demidevil: Special Edition, featuring two bonus tracks, 'Tantrum' and 'Daisy 2.0' never before on vinyl. Pressed on transparent pink EcoRecord vinyl, housed in a sleek mirror-board silver sleeve and accompanied by an eight-page exclusive booklet. Immerse yourself in standouts like 'Daisy', 'Slumber Party', and 'Cry', among others.

Demidevil (Pink Vinyl) (RSD) (Limited) • Demidevil (Pink Vinyl) (RSD) (Limited) • Demidevil (Pink Vinyl) (RSD) (Limited) • Demidevil (Pink Vinyl) (RSD) (Limited) •

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