1. Welcome To The Alesha Show
  2. Let's Get Excited
  3. Breathe Slow
  4. Cinderella Shoe
  5. The Boy Does Nothing
  6. Chasing Ghosts
  7. Play Me
  8. Hand It Over


  1. Do You Know The Way It Feels
  2. Can I Begin
  3. Italians Do It Better
  4. Ooh Baby I Like It Like That
  5. Don't Ever Let Me Go
  6. I'm Thru
  7. Mystery


The Alesha Show is Alesha Dixon’s second studio album and was released by Asylum Records on 24th  November 2008 featuring the top 5 hits "The Boy Does Nothing" and "Breathe Slow". To celebrate The Alesha Show’s 15th anniversary we will be releasing it on vinyl for the first time.

The Alesha Show • The Alesha Show • The Alesha Show • The Alesha Show •

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