X (Atl75) (Crystal Clear Vinyl) (Limited)

Ed Sheeran Ed Sheeran


  1. One
  2. I'm A Mess
  3. Sing


  1. Don't
  2. Nina
  3. Photograph


  1. Bloodstream
  2. Tenerife Sea
  3. Runaway


  1. The Man
  2. Thinking Out Loud
  3. Afire Love


Ed Sheeran recorded X at various locations around the globe (all the while drawing on experiences and influences encountered on his over three years of unrelenting touring) with such luminary producers as Rick Rubin (Eminem, Jay-Z, Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Pharrell Williams (Daft Punk, Robin Thicke, N.E.R.D), Benny Blanco (Rhianna, Wiz Khalifa) and Jeff Bhasker (Alicia Keys, Jay-Z) adding new flavours to the classy work of key collaborators Johnny McDaid (Snow Patrol) and Jake Gosling (who produced +).

Originally released in 2014, X features singles 'Don’t', 'Sing', 'Thinking Out Loud', 'Bloodstream' and 'Photograph'.

X (Atl75) (Crystal Clear Vinyl) (Limited) • X (Atl75) (Crystal Clear Vinyl) (Limited) • X (Atl75) (Crystal Clear Vinyl) (Limited) • X (Atl75) (Crystal Clear Vinyl) (Limited) •

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