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Natural Born Killers -hq-

Ost LP

Natural Born Killers -hq- (2014)

Format: LP - Glasba

Šifra: 0600753554180

  1. Waiting For The Miracle (Edit)
  2. Shitlist
  3. Moon Over Greene County (Edit)
  4. Rock 'N' Roll Nigger (Flood Remix)
  5. Sweet Jane (Edit)
  6. You Belong To Me
  7. The Trembler (Edit)
  8. Burn
  9. Route 666
  10. Totally Hot
  11. Back In Baby's Arms
  12. Taboo (Edit)
  13. Sex Is Violent
  14. History (Repeats Itself) (Edit)
  15. Something I Can Never Have (Edited And Extended)
  16. I Will Take You Home
  17. Drums A Go-Go (Edit)
  18. Hungry Ants
  19. The Day The Niggaz Took Over
  20. Born Bad
  21. Fall Of The Rebel Angels (Edit)
  22. Forkboy
  23. Batonga In Batongaville
  24. A Warm Place
  25. Allah, Mohammed, Char, Yaar
  26. The Future (Edit)
  27. What Would U Do?
Cena: 41,99 €

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Max Frost is a producer and songwriter from Austin, TX signed to Atlantic Records. Frost developed his eclectic style of music playing in various projects throughout his teen years. He became a musician when he was eight, and started playing shows at 12, collaborating with a diverse array of artists like Austin icon Bob Schneider and hip-hop MC/producer Kydd. After hearing musicians like Erykah Badu and D’Angelo in his late teens, Frost began incorporating hip-hop elements into his blues-inspired stylings, interested in the idea of combining modern rhythms with classic vintage tones in his music. In September 2012 Frost decided to leave the University of Texas-Austin, where he was studying English, to pursue his solo career. He released a single, “White Lies,” which hit No. 1 on The Hype Machine’s “Most Popular Tracks on Blogs ...


In their very brief existence, Fever The Ghost have already made quite an impression with their uncanny. spectacular live performances. While FTG's grandiose rush on the senses dependably transports audiences into their strange universe, what's even more remarkable is how fully-formed their sophisticated sound arrives, cleverly weaving addictive hooks into their forward-thinking psych-pop pastiche


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